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I was referred to Dr Luddington from my dentist Troy DeDecker. The first time I came into the office the staff was so friendly and helpful and welcoming. They not only were friendly and fun but we discussed having braces I made an appointment for a consultation. Dr Luddington was very professional and personable and gave me his advice about getting braces. My reason for getting them was medical but he said it would not be beneficial. He could have encouraged me to get braces anyway and make money. I appreciated his honesty and advice. We also had good conversation in general, even though it was the end of his work day. I tried to pay him for the consultation and he refused my money even though I insisted. I would encourage anyone who is considering braces for themselves or their children to make an appointment with Dr. Luddington.

Customer review from Bountiful, Utah
Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Great orthodontist Dr Richard Luddington

I first learned about orthodontist Dr Richard Luddington from my friends Chris and Lynette Johnson. Both Chris and Lynette have had Dr Luddington do their braces as adults. Chris has his on now and Lynette a couple years ago. And their kids went to Dr Luddington too. I told them I wanted to get braces for many years but I was too scared and I thought being in my mid 50s I missed the boat. My friend Tina Burningham also introduced us. Dr Luddington and his staff offer personalized services that differentiate Dr Luddington from other orthodontists. My experience the past eight months has been far better than I expected and I’m real happy with my braces progress. And the staff and Dr Luddington are great to work with. I recommend them for kids braces or adult braces.

Customer review from Bountiful, UT
Rated 5 out of 5 stars