Is It Too Late For Braces?

Your smile says a lot. Even if you think you’re too old, or you’ve missed your chance to get braces, it’s never too late to perfect your smile. Thanks to the considerable evolution of orthodontics in the last two decades, more and more adults are getting braces and feeling confident about their straight-lined smiles.

Why Get Braces Now?

Adult braces are popular for many reasons, including:

  • Creating a confident smile
  • Correcting a significant bite problem
  • Realigning crooked teeth
  • Repositioning teeth to allow space for replacement teeth

Adults can continue to experience jaw growth up to 22 years of age, causing teeth that may have been previously straight, to move. At this point, a certified adult orthodontist can properly realign any teeth that have shifted, in a manner that won’t harm the teeth’s roots or bone structure.

By correcting any misaligned teeth, you decrease the amount of harmful plaque or food buildup that can form in the unreachable crevices. This build up can lead to periodontal and gum diseases.

What Are The Options?

Thanks to new age technology, there are now several options for achieving a straight smile.

  1. Invisalign: This clear, molded plastic straightens your teeth in stages by using various sets of trays. They are almost undetectable and don’t irritate your gums or the inside of your mouth, but they are not ideal for individuals with very problematic alignment.
  2. Lingual braces: Good for people with moderate to severe crowding; these wire-and-metal brackets are placed on the backside of your teeth and are nearly invisible. This option tends to fall on the more expensive side of brace options and can cause initial (but brief) tongue discomfort.
  3. Self-ligating braces: Similar to regular braces, these are made with ligatures, or tiny plastic bands, that hook on the face of the brackets to hold the wire to your teeth. While they are visible, and may cause mild irritation to the inside of your mouth initially, they are a great quick-fix solution for crooked teeth.
  4. Ceramic braces: These new-age brackets are affixed to the teeth with translucent or tooth-colored material that have a subtle appearance. The downfall is that these latex ligatures usually stain and can make white teeth look dingy.

Getting Your Braces

If you think adult braces might be a good option for your teeth, visit Luddington Orthodontics, today. We’ll fix your teeth with artistry and accuracy at a price you can afford. Contact us today for more information.

Tour of Utah in Davis County

As one of the only North American pro cycling events in 2015, the Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah features world-class cycling teams with a worldwide audience. For nearly ten years, this prestigious pro-cycling race has offered cyclists some of the greatest challenges in the world, while allowing fans the chance to get up close and personal with their favorite athletes.

The Tour of Utah explores all of the diverse natural beauty that Utah has to offer. This showcased event tours through some of Utah’s most breathtaking scenery by beginning in the captivating canyons of Logan, traveling seven stages along Utah’s landscape and ending in the picturesque town of Park City.

Stage 3 of The Tour starts at Antelope Island State Park, and cyclists cross the finish line at Main Street and Center Street in Bountiful, Utah. This local event gives Bountiful residents the opportunity to have shoulder-to-shoulder interaction with some of the world’s greatest cyclists while getting to appreciate the beautiful landscape that makes Utah so spectacular.

Bountiful residents are encouraged to take place in this amazing event through attendance and volunteer efforts. Don’t miss this opportunity to get up-close and personal with a professional sport that can be witnessed like no other. The event’s “free admission” model gives residents unparalleled access to phenomenal cyclists during Stage 3 of the event while also showcasing the beauty that is Bountiful, Utah. Check out the Tour of Utah for more information on the race, today.


(Photo courtesy of the Tour of Utah Facebook page.)

Summerfest 2015

Are you looking for a fun way to entertain the whole family this summer? Do you like eating yummy food, looking at beautiful art, and learning about other cultures? Head to Summerfest in Bountiful!

Bountiful/Davis Summerfest International was started by the Bountiful Davis Art Center (BDAC) in 1974 and has continued to provide entertaining summer fun for many years.

BDAC is dedicated to bringing art and knowledge to our community in Davis and Weber counties. Summerfest was created to bring art, culture, and a sense of community to Bountiful and the surrounding area. Over the years many international and cultural performances have been added to make this program one of the most unique, exciting, and educational summer events in the state.

Get The Details

Here’s what you need to know about this year’s event:

When is Summerfest?

Summerfest kicks off with a street dance on August 5th.  The festival follows through the weekend from August 6th to August 8th.

How much does entry cost?

Entry to Summerfest is free thanks to the generous support of Bountiful City.

Where Is Summerfest?

Summerfest will be held at Bountiful City Park

Come see us at:

200 W 400 N

Bountiful, UT 84010

Be A Part Of Summerfest

Everyone is welcome to attend Summerfest this year to enjoy the food, art, culture, and sense of community. If you’d like to experience what Summerfest is really all about, sign up to be a volunteer. You’ll get to experience Summerfest up close and personally, and you’ll be part of building your community. Volunteers are crucial to making Summerfest the amazing event that it is.

Visit this link to sign up today and help make this Summerfest the best so far!


Photo Credit: BDAC

Bountiful City Concerts In The Park

Listening to fantastic life music in the open air, surrounded by your family and friends, is what summer evenings were made for. Doing this for free is even better! Come enjoy live performances, delicious food, and good company at the Bountiful City Concert Series.

Bountiful City residents have already enjoyed fantastic performances by singer Kat Tingey and the band Wildfire. There was also a fun showcase of local talent during the Bountiful’s Got Talent event at the end of June.

Find out about upcoming performances so you don’t miss any more great concerts this summer:

Upcoming Performances

Summer isn’t over yet, and neither is this great concert series. There are many great performances to look forward to, including:

July 17th: Utah Voices and the 23rd Army Band11233254_887739164630658_2497961076018132054_n

Prepare for Pioneer Day with lively patriotic music and fun Broadway tunes.

July 31st: Michael McLean and John Batdorf

Contemporary music legend John Batdorf and the beloved Michael McLean team up to bring     vocals and guitar music together for the whole family.

August 14th: Joe McQueen Jazz Quartet

Utah’s own Joe McQueen brings his legendary sound to Bountiful. The whole family can enjoy this timeless music.

August 21st: Brenn Hill

Award-winning country star and Utah local, Brenn Hill brings country music to end the summer concert series on a high note.

Get The Details

Come enjoy this fun event that makes summer feel like summer. Here’s what you need to know:

  • When: Friday evenings at 7:00 pm.
  • Where: The main bowery in the Bountiful City Park— 400 N 200 W, Bountiful, UT 84010
  • What to bring: A donation for the food bank, cash for yummy food truck food, and your family and friends.

For more information and updates, check out the event page on Facebook.


Photo Credit: Bountiful City’s Music in the Park Facebook page. Wildfire Country Band, Official Concert Calendar

Woman Supporting Bountiful Artists

Howa Gallery– Supporting our Local Artists in Bountiful

The Howa gallery is a place that fosters an environment of support for artists in bountiful, and since it opened in May at 390 N. 500 West, it has been an amazing success.

The goal is to match the growing artistic talent in Davis County. We will collaborate with the BDAC to organize new events that will bring in the community and create a connection between community members and local artists.

Bountiful is truly a thriving community that has a growing populace and an increasing need for artist support.  That’s why Thomas Howa, after moving from construction to the arts, is now searching to increase support for local artists in the Bountiful area.

Currently, Howa represents 36 artists from a variety of media and styles. Many of these artists are well known in the area. He hopes to provide the support they need from the perspective of a fellow artist.

With a passion for the arts, and a love of working with Artists, Howa has a unique ability to harness Utah’s artistic talent and bring attention to their impressive skill. The sheer variety of art available in the gallery, including the works of artists like David Maestas, Bill Lee, Toni Youngblood, Chauncey Secrist and Alexander Hraefn Morris, makes it truly shine.

The collection consists of mainly paintings, but includes other works like sculpture, jewelry, and even clothing. This gallery is sure to (and already does) grab the attention of shoppers, diners, and visitors in the area.

Come visit today to learn more about our support for local artists and to see the beautiful works they have created for our Bountiful gallery!


Smiling friends

Smile With Confidence—3 Reasons To Straighten Your Teeth

Are you considering getting your teeth straightened? There are many benefits to consider. Here are three reasons to schedule an appointment with your orthodontist today!

1. Make Your Life Easier

Having your teeth straightened will make the things you do every day a little easier. For example, biting and chewing food will be easier with straight teeth. It will also be easier to floss and brush your teeth effectively when they are straightened.

2. Improve Your Health

Having crooked teeth can result in swollen gums, wear and tear on your teeth, food buildup, extra plaque, and gum disease. Gum disease has been linked to heart problems and diabetes—which suggests that better oral hygiene can result in better overall health. Straightening your teeth makes them easier to clean, and keeping your mouth clean will prevent the buildup of bacteria and plaque.

3. Reap The Many Benefits Of Smiling

Having your teeth straightened gives you the self-assurance to smile confidently. A bright, beautiful smile will improve your overall appearance, boost your confidence, and improve your relationships. Smiling can lower your blood pressure and release endorphins that make you feel better. Smiling can also make you look younger and improve the mood of those around you. Start experiencing the health and social benefits of smiling more often.

If you’re thinking about having your smile straightened, check out Luddington Orthodontics in Bountiful, Utah.  Dr. Luddington has 25 years of experience treating a wide variety of conditions. Find out more about treatment options and look forward to improved health and more confidence.


Image courtesy of: Alex