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Howa Gallery– Supporting our Local Artists in Bountiful

The Howa gallery is a place that fosters an environment of support for artists in bountiful, and since it opened in May at 390 N. 500 West, it has been an amazing success.

The goal is to match the growing artistic talent in Davis County. We will collaborate with the BDAC to organize new events that will bring in the community and create a connection between community members and local artists.

Bountiful is truly a thriving community that has a growing populace and an increasing need for artist support.  That’s why Thomas Howa, after moving from construction to the arts, is now searching to increase support for local artists in the Bountiful area.

Currently, Howa represents 36 artists from a variety of media and styles. Many of these artists are well known in the area. He hopes to provide the support they need from the perspective of a fellow artist.

With a passion for the arts, and a love of working with Artists, Howa has a unique ability to harness Utah’s artistic talent and bring attention to their impressive skill. The sheer variety of art available in the gallery, including the works of artists like David Maestas, Bill Lee, Toni Youngblood, Chauncey Secrist and Alexander Hraefn Morris, makes it truly shine.

The collection consists of mainly paintings, but includes other works like sculpture, jewelry, and even clothing. This gallery is sure to (and already does) grab the attention of shoppers, diners, and visitors in the area.

Come visit today to learn more about our support for local artists and to see the beautiful works they have created for our Bountiful gallery!


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